County buildingThe Newton County Facilities Management Department provides a safe, clean, comfortable and functional environment within county facilities through the delivery of design, construction, renovation, maintenance, repair, facility operations, security and custodial services.  

Customers of the Newton County Facilities Management Department include Newton County employees, staff, departments, functions and people that directly support the citizens and businesses of Newton County.

This department currently provides all aspects of building maintenance to county facilities either through in – house or outside vendors. Most all county building maintenance requests go through this office to provide the county with work order documentation, lower pricing, expedient services and better accountability for services rendered.

Facilities Currently Serviced by the Facilities Management Department

Meeting roomNewton County Administration Building, Administration Parking Deck, Newton County Judicial Center, Historic Courthouse, Historic Jail, Animal Control, Landfill, Landfill Recycle Center, Bypass NRC, Dial Mill NRC, Hazelbrand NRC, Hwy 212 NRC, McGiboney Rd. NRC, Oak Hill NRC, Piper Rd. NRC, Stewart NRC, Stone Rd. NRC, Adams Circle NRC, Cook Rd. NRC, Mental/ Physical Health Facility, Gaither’s Plantation, Hilltop Property and Trailer, Mansfield Community House, Almon Community House, Gum Creek Voting Precinct,  Washington Street Community Center, Nelson Heights Community Center, Public Works, Turner Lake Park, NCFS Administration Offices,  NCFS # 1, NCFS # 2 Rocky Plains, NCFS # 3, VFS # 4 East Newton, VFS # 5 Salem, NCFS # 6 Mansfield, VFS # 7 Newborn, VFS # 8 North Newton, NCFS # 9, VFS # 10 Central Newton, NCFS # 14, NCFS # 15, Various Radio Tower Locations, The Cousin Complex

*This list may not include all facilities we perform work in, it reflects work orders and request so far this year.

In addition to facility maintenance our department also provides custodial services and cleaning supplies to many of these facilities. We also use inmate services as well as community service workers whenever possible, which has been a tremendous resource to our department and has helped lower our operating cost.

bellFacilities Management Department Staff

Joyce Waldrop – Custodian

Dedrick Grier- Custodian

Mae Stodghill- Custodian (Part-Time)

Billy Stanley- Facilities Maintenance Technician

Marty Roberts Jr.- Caretaker for Gaither’s Plantation

Jason Johnson- Facilities Manager


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