Lake Varner Regulations

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REGULATIONS for Lake Varner Park and the Cornish Creek Reservoir

    • No alcoholic beverages of any kind allowed. 
    • The boats shall be powered by electric motors or paddles only.
    •  No boat with a  gasoline engine mounted on the transom is allowed on the reservoir.      
    • All individuals that are fishing must comply with the State of Georgia Department of Natural Resources fishing rules and regulations, creel limits, safety, licenses, etc., and 12” minimum on bass. 
    • The use of a set hook, trout line, seine or fish basket is prohibited. 
    • Access to the reservoir shall be made only at the entrance gate. 
    • Those individuals who elect to fish from the bank must fish from within the “marked” boundaries. 
    • Wading, swimming, or bathing is prohibited. 
    • The use of trail bikes, 4-wheelers, mini bikes, go carts, and motorcycles not equipped for street use is prohibited. 
    • Operation or use of any audio or noise producing device, motorized equipment, or vehicles in such a manner to unreasonably annoy or endanger other persons is prohibited. 
    • Individuals shall not discharge any gray water or waste matter on the site and shall keep their trash and litter self contained and disposed of properly. 
    • Firearms are regulated in accordance with state law, See 2010 Georgia Laws Act 643 (S.B. 308), O.C.G.A. 16-11-125 et al.” Bows and Arrows, Cross Bows, Fireworks, or Explosives of any kind are prohibited. 
    • All hunting and trapping, including waterfowl hunting from or directly over the waters of the reservoir, is prohibited… ( please see Reservoir Management Plan for exceptions) 
    • “Bow” Fishing is not permitted on the Cornish Creek Reservoir 
    • Destruction, injury defacement, or removal of Reservoir property is prohibited. 
    • Individuals may be required to show proper identification upon request by an authorized representative of the Reservoir and/or the Department of Natural Resources. 
    • Once boaters cast off from the recreation area they are to stay in boats except in emergency situations. 
    • All pets must be restrained by owners (leash law enforced in area).  
    • Failure to abide by the regulations will result in expulsion from the recreation area. Your cooperation in abiding by the above regulations will assist us in providing a safe, enjoyable outing, while protecting our valuable water resources.


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